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SCIENCE FICTION colincampbell.org/science-fiction A Word from the Literary Police Published, First Issue, Literati Quarterly, June 2014. ISSN: 2373-1494.        (270 words) All Alone  Published in Fantastic Frontiers Magazine, Sept 2012.             (830 words) A New Beginning Published in the e-book, Stories in the Ether, Issue Four, May 2012, having first appeared in the online version, Nevermet Press, 23 Dec 2011.          (490 words) Out of Deep Space Published in both the online and PDF versions in The Fringe Magazine, Jan 2011.          (610 words) Human Published in UFO Gigolo, 06 Jan 2014.         (100 words) The Ministry of Dirty Tricks Published online in 365 tomorrows 30 April 2012.          (640 words) A Wave from a Stranger Winner, Writers Billboard Short Fiction Competition, Dec 2007.    (1,540 words) Sex on the Lawn Published in print in the Anthology, Pill Hill Press, Daily Flash 2012.         (390 words) Out of Touch Published in Separate Worlds, June 2012. First appeared as the Runner-up in Adult Creative Writing Club Competition No.106, June 2010.    (1,430 words)